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Tribal Art & Craft
Orissa boasts of a long and rich cultural heritage. Due to the reigns of many different rulers in the past, the culture, arts and crafts of the state underwent many changes, imitations, assimilations and new creations, from time to time. The artistic skill of the Orissan artists is unsurpassable in the world. The State practically reigns, as far as the production of tribal handicrafts is concerned. The tribal potters make objects like pots, bowls, plates, jars and cooking stoves to meet requirements of daily life as well as for rituals. Orissa craftsmen are highly skilled at making traditional art and crafts made out of bamboo and cane. The structural characteristics of the bamboo, like its high tensile strength, are employed for architectural purposes. Bamboo splits are woven to make baskets. There are ample crafts that can be made out of bamboo like ropes, strings, brooms and the like. These products are largely manufactured by the artisans for local consumption.


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