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Adivasi Mela, 6.02.2013 (The 12th Day)

The famous Adivasi Mela reached its 12th Day. Many people of capital city have already enjoyed this Mela from 26th January and some of them have visited more than once, since they have fallen in love with this distinguished ethnic fare.

Today, there was a heavy rush noticed in Tribal Food Plaza, Tribal Hat, Tribal Village and the Open Air Auditorium as usual. Visitors continued with their buying bio-food products like turmeric, chillies, millets, blackgram, mustard etc. The tribal herbal medicines were of great demand.

In the evening the Bonda artists sponsored by the Bonda Development Agency, Mudulipada presented an attractive dance basing on the theme of Chait Parab and Pus Parab festivals. Just after that, the tribal girl students of Indira Gandhi Women’s hostel staged fusion dances such as “Santali Dance”, “Tota Bazar” and a distinctive dance titled “Waiting for a Silent Moment” which in Santali language was “Tangitanla Nichala Belare”. This was followed by the dance of the tribal students of Educational Complex under P.B.D.A., Khuntagaon in Sundergarh district who performed an attractive dance – “A Baula A Maker and ‘O’ Jaiphula”. The “Gotipua” Dance performed by the students of Konark Ashram School was very entertaining. Then came a modern dance performed by the tribal students of Nandiniguda Educational Complex under D.D.A., Kudumulugumma in Malkangiri district with sweet and heart touching Desia song of the Didayi tribe which touched the hearts of the spectators. At the end the students of Laxman Nayak Hostel performed a colourful modern dance in Sambalpuri style. The people of capital city are being enchanted with the bouquet of tribal performing arts which they do not find any where inspite of several of events being held in different parts of the city during winter days. They love to see the exotic variety of folk dances and enjoy the taste of the purity of products and performances.



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