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Adivasi Exhibition - the ethnically vibrant cultural festival is one of the most attractive Agenda of SC & ST Development Department. The exhibition the only one of its kind in the country has had its ehequered history, beginning right from the 26th January 1951, just one year after India. adopts its constitution to become a Republic. The ‘tryst with destiny” speech of Pt. Nehru and the vibes inherent in the message for nation building provided the required impetus to organize the adivasi exhibition.

The exhibition got off the ground, in the erstwhile. state capital. Cuttack under the auspices of Adivasi and Harijan Welfare Department in 1951. With the shift of the department to Bhuhaneswar, the exhibition changed its venue. Due to unavoidable circumstance goes into hibernation from 1962 to 1967 only, to revive itself erratically from time to time. But from 1982, the exhibition has been organized continuously. Adivasi exhibition is the earliest institutionalized steps towards mainstreaming the tribal people of the state through societal dynamics of interaction and interface with their Non-tribal counterparts.

The signature tune of the tribal exhibition goes beyond its literal meaning. The exhibition making the tribal people of the state to meet in a colorful rendezvous, along with there culturally nuanced kaleidoscope. It reflects the culture centric life of the tribal people. The Vibes’ of continuity and change of ethnic life are showcased in the exhibition,








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