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Adivasi Mela, 7.02.2013 (The 13th Day)

The ethnic fare popularly known as Adivasi Mela becomes 13 days old by today. From the heavy rush of visitors it is evident that the people of capital city have fallen in love with this event and they never find such an exotic fair anywhere. Its specialties are distinguished in the tribal food products, household articles, tribal foods, tribal village, tribal arts and crafts and the tribal dances.

In the evening the Cultural Association of the employees of ST & SC Development Department presented a drama in the open air pandal. The central theme of the play titled “HATA” was a tragic story of cruel exploitation of a poor, simple and ignorant tribal man named Sambaru. Draught makes him a migrant tribal labourer and unscrupulous middlemen and vested interests do everything to take away his beloved wife and only son to make them bonded labourers. Sambaru’s dream to educate his son and make him a “Babu” comes to a tragic end. The poor man losing everything in his life becomes a destitute and his life becomes hell. The gifted artists brought tears in the eyes of the spectators by their splendid performances. Throughout the play the audience remained spell bound.

The stalls were happy with their transactions. The visitors were happy with their sight and taste of foods and goodies, they carried home. They will eagerly wait to enjoy the Mela next year.

The members of the National Commission for Scheduled Tribes came to see the Mela in the evening. Accompanied by the Commissioner-cum-Secretary and Director, ST & SC Development Department they visited all the segments and expressed their pleasure over the structure, display and activities of the Mela.



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