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Adivasi Mela, 4.02.2013 (The 10th Day)

Adivasi Mela reached its 10th Day. Even after 9 days it has not lost its attraction among the people of capital city. Inspite of the fact that, it is a working day and the beginning of the present week, people found time to visit the Mela with their friends and families. They came to enjoy the taste of ethnic foods in the Tribal Food Plaza, to buy the bio-foods produced by our tribal people in the Tribal Hat, to see the ethnic ambience of the Tribal Village, to admire, acquire tribal arts and crafts and enjoy the enchanting tribal dances staged in the Open Air Pandal in the evening.

The ethnic tribal dances performed in the evening in the Open Air Auditorium were the dance of Paudi Bhuniya Development Agency (PBDA) of PBDA, Jamardihi in Angul district. The Munda dance performed a dance which was a combination of their dances for wedding, Maghe Parab, Phul Puja and Ceremonial hunting. The Juang artists performed their characteristic “Changu” dance done during the occasions of “ Am Nuakhia”, “ Magh Parab” and wedding ceremony. The Paudi Bhuyan artists also exhibited their trade mark “Changu” dance which have close similarities with the Changu dance of the Juang because by their mythological origin they are brothers and live in the same eco-cultural settings. The house inherited the same socio-cultural characteristics from their food others.

The fusion dances performed by other groups were also very entertaining. The “Parampara” dance of the tribal students of Ardabahal Kanyashram of Kuchinda were a mixture of dances called “Parava” Karma “Dullabilla”, “Dhap””Hum Bauli”, “Dalkhai”, Puspuni”, “Nuakhai”. The students of EMRS of Lahunipada of Sundergarh district also performed tribal dances in modern style, with the amalgamation of several dance forms transcending the folk traditions of any particular tribe but picking up threads from several tribal and modern dances with thumping music to entertain the younger generation.



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