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Adivasi Mela, 31.01.2013 (The 6th Day)

To day was the 6th day of the Mela. People from all walks of life visited the fair to feel its exclusively and distinction for its ethnic ambience. One can be delighted to see the diversity and richness of tribal cultures of Odisha exhibited within the Mela. It is a recreation of serene tribal habitats within the capital city of Odisha. Apart from the beauty and variety of tribal huts erected in the tribal village, the ‘sacred complex’ exhibiting the magico-religious components of some tribes like Saura, Dongria Kandha, Oraon, Santal, Bhunjia, Pauri Bhuyan, Juang, Gond, Bonda, Kisan, Bhumij, etc. have drawn large number of curious visitors. It showed how among the tribal people supernaturalism is a phenomenon of nature which control every aspect of their mundane life. Among the tribal huts the “Mandaghar”- the multi-utility community centre of the Juang tribe, the elegance of Santal house with attractive wall paintings, the circular hut of Gadaba tribe manifested the architectural ingenuity of the tribesmen.

With the onset of evening, the tribal artists of Mankirdia tribe of Mayurbhanj and Oraon tribe of Sundergarh, presented their dances in the open air pandal. Following them, the students of EMRS, Rayagada, Indra Gandhi Womens’ Hostel of Bhubaneswar and KISS and the tribal Bagha Nrutya artists of Champua showed their excellence in tribal folk dance traditions. The audience enjoyed the difference between the modern and tribal dance, music and songs. They felt how tribal dances are not distinguished for their originality and spontaneity only but also for their rhythms, emotions and costumes, considerably influenced by their natural environment, legends, myths and folklores.

The activities in the crowded segments of Mela i.e., the Tribal Food Court and the Tribal Hat were quite encouraging. Most of the visitors returned home happily carrying bags of ethnic goods purchased from the stalls.



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