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Adivasi Mela, 31.01.2012 (The 6th Day)

Today is the sixth day of Adivasi Mela and cultural festival of this year. The cultural programmes those were staged in the open aid auditorium of the venue of the mela in todayís evening were the dances of Paudi Bhuyan of Jamardihi in Anugul district, the Ho of Keonjhar district, the Desia Kandha of Phulbani district, the Bathudi of Mayurbhanj district and the of the tribal students of KISS (KIIT). Bhubaneswar. The Paudi Bhuyan tribe inhabits a contiguous hill tract spread across Anugul, Bonai, Deogarh and Keonjhar districts. The mainstay of their economy is shifting cultivation and collection of minor forest produce. Like all the tribal communities of Odisha, dance and music are integral and indispensable part of their cultural life. Like the Juang of Keonjhar change- a circular drum, is the main musical instrument played by the male dancers in their dances. During their festive and other social occasions like marriage, child birth, crop harvesting etc. they perform community dances in which the male dancers beat the changu and sing songs and the females dance to the tune of changu. There is a competition between the male change beaters and and the female singers in which either the males or the females win. In todayís dance twelve women dancers and eight male changu players performed with beautiful folk songs accompanied by the sound of jhumka. Itís melody was superb and the spectators were transported to a different world. Similarly the Bathudi dancers of Mayurbhanj district performed the changu dance but there was a difference between both the performances especially in regard of the beating of changu, the songs and the rythm. Equally enchanting were the Desia Kandha dance of Phulbani district and the dance of tribal students of KISS. All the tribal artists enthralled the audiences with their exotic style of dance, music, songs and the arena resounded with the magic moments of their performances. The audience was jam-packed with the spectators indicating the popularity the voices from the hills.

In other parts of the mela the visitors were packed everywhere in the Adivasi hat and the Government stalls, the food court and the craft bazaar and the business was as usual.

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