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Adivasi Mela, 30.01.2010 (The Fifth Evening)

Observing the Martyrdom day, the Adivasi Mela & Cultural Festivals 2010 started its proceedings in its 5th evening. The honoured guests of the evening were Sj. Ananta Narayan Jena, Mayor, B.M.C., Sj. Bhagirathi Badajena, Hon’ble MLA, Sj. Ashok Kumar Panda, Hon’ble MLA, Sj. Bijoy Kumar Mohanty, Hon’ble MLA, Ms. Manjulata Panda, Corporator, B.M.C.. They paid tribute to Mahamta Gandhi, Father of Nation on this day of his sad demise.

Addressing the audience Shri Jena, Mayor, BMC, said the people living in and around Bhubaneswar eagerly wait for this Mela every year to buy the products of adivasi people and see the tribal cultural programmes. This cultural meet promotes the cultural identity of tribal Orissa and it has uniqueness of its own. He emphasised the need for recognising the talents of tribal children. He hoped that the state of Orissa will develop when its Adivasis are developed.

Hon’ble MLA, Shri Badajena said in his speech that this Annual Adivasi Mela 2010 has created a great tradition. People can see the tribal life and culture in this Mela and it can also be seen in Saliasahi of Bhubaneswar. He appealed everyone to come forward and join hands to make this Mela a successful event.

Hon’ble MLA, Shri Panda said the tribal cultural traditions are intimately associated with the great cultural traditions of Lord Jagannath. The tribals constitute a precious component of the mankind. Since the ancient times, the tribal culture has maintain its continuity undisturbed by the powerful impact of the Aryan culture and civilization. Now the tribals are undergoing the process of development and its impact is visible in the field of their education and culture. The time has come to preserve and promote the uniqueness and diversity of tribal culture.

Hon’ble MLA, Shri Mohanty spoke about the great demand for tribal products in this Mela. He said though the tribals are not as developed socio-economically as us, they are not lagging far behind us. By maintaining the present tempo of planned development intervention they will come at par with the general population.

Corporator, Ms. Pradhan identified herself with the Mela as her own. She advocated for publicizing the Mela all over the world to disseminate information about the unique cultural heritage of Tribal Orissa.

The Mela premises vibrated amidst devotional songs rendered by many celebrated vocal artists which created a divine atmosphere.

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