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Adivasi Mela, 30.01.2012 (The 5th Day)

Charmed by the variety, decor of Adivasi Mela 2012, Naveen Patnaik made a sudden and surprised visit to the Adivasi Exhibition Ground for the second time.

Moving around in the stalls of the Adivasi Hat he made leisurely chat with the members of the different tribal communities like Bonda, Didayi, Dongria Kondh, Bhottada, Santal, Juang etc. He made a fair amount of purchase starting from broom stick to bamboo handicraft products ending with a Gadaba fabric made in Koraput. He spent a lot of time with the master weaver of Kotpad in understanding the vegetative dying technique and the way in which they are manufacturing the fabric. He was delighted with the exclusive design made by the Kotpad weavers.

While moving around the OTELP theme pavilion the Chief Minister interacted with watershed committee and SHG members who explained the various activities being undertaken by them for augmenting livelihood opportunities. He was explained in detailed by the watershed committee and SHG members regarding WADI model of agro based forestry plantation activities, backyard poultry activities, hydrolice ram for lifting of water with zero energy requirement, process based vegetable cultivation on raised beds with drip irrigation system, farm mechanism etc. However, the icing on the cake was Bonda women assembling and packing solar lantern and torch light with a live demo being given by women member of Baunspada village in Bonda hills. He spents a substantial amount of time with the Bonda women and saw them assembling a solar lantern; and he was charmed by their marketing skill and decided to buy a solar lantern for himself.

With the Adivasi Mela being held for a certain period of time there has been a great rush to buy authentic tribal products and most of the stalls have done brisk business with some SHG members having gone back to their areas to replenish the stock.


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