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Adivasi Mela, 29.01.2010 (The Fourth Evening)

The guests of honour for the fourth evening of the Adivasi Mela & Cultural Festivals 2010 were the Deputy Chairman, State Planning Board Sj. Surendranath Nayak and Commissioner, Agricultural Production, Sj. Rabinarayan Senapati.

Sj. Rabinarayan Senapati, an eminent administrator and literary figure of the State in his speech said that –this Adivasi Mela is providing a platform for promotion of the uniqueness of tribal culture because tribals have several good traits in their culture which is worth emulating. By visiting this Mela people can know about various tribal development programmes. He hoped that the visitors will enjoy the Mela and rejoice through its diverse and colourful cultural programmes.

Sj. Nayak in his unique style of delivery enthralled the audience. He said that –the tribal people as the early settlers are well known for their hard work, efficiency and creative talents. They have the customary right to worship Nilamadhab-the lord of the universe. They have the capacity to struggle hard and survive the hardship of food scarcity, yet they are neglected and deprived. By proper utilisation of their human resources and the existing natural resources including the abundant water resources of the state, the target of allround socio-economic development of the tribes of Orissa as well as the whole state can be achieved.

The Cultural event of the evening was the Drama NILAMADHAB staged by the Cultural Association, State ST & SC Development Department. Nilamadhab is a very famous episode in the Oriya Puranas and has a significant role in Jagannath Culture. Once worshiped by the Sabara Raj Biwabasu, Nilamadhab is the basis of the cultural assimilation of the great Adivasi tradition and the Hindu tradition. The lively presentation of the characters by the artists left the audience spellbound and was the centre of attraction of the evening.

In various parts of the Mela arena sponsored cultural programmes were also staged. Among them which appealed the visitors were the Ranapa Dance performed by the artists of DAVP and the Bonda dance and other folk dances presented by the tribal students of KISS.

>> CULTURAL PROGRAMME, Oriya (29.01.2010)

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