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Adivasi Mela, 2.02.2013 (The 8th Day)

By today the Mela became 8days old. Among the visitors, the local tribal visitors who are residing in different parts of the capital city, were, many tribal visitors. They belonged to different tribal communities namely, Santal, Munda, Ho etc. who have shifted to Bhubaneswar to earn their livelihood while keeping their close social ties with their native places. Their natural love and irrestible attraction to tribal fairs and festivals have attracted them to the Mela. They not only were delighted to see the other tribal cultures exhibited in the Tribal Village but enjoyed the tribal dance programmes held in the evening in the Open Air Pandal. These events transported them to the ambience of their native tribal habitats which they sadly missed in this metropolitan city.

As usual there was heavy rush in Tribal Food Plaza and Tribal Hat for food and provisions which the people of the capital city can hardly get ordinarily. The demand for ethnic foods like parched rice and mutton curry, the arrowroot sweet dish, the millet dish were very high.

The tribal dances staged in the evening were the Changu Dance of Bathudi tribe of Mayurbhanj, the Kalasi Dance of Santal tribe of Mayurbhanj, the famous Chhou dance of Lodha tribe of Mayurbhanj, Baha Bonga dance by the students of Jamada Girls High School and tribal folk dance by the tribal students of KISS. Among them the Kalasi Dance of Santal was very colourful and enchanting. Other dances were also quite entertaining.



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