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Adivasi Mela, 02.02.2012 (The 8th Day)

The Adivasi Mela in its eighth day opened at 2pm. Slowly and steadily the people of the capital city of Bhubaneswar started coming in. As time passed the visitors increased in number and by evening the visitors swelled. There were people in every nook and corner of the mela.

As the evening came and the Adivasi ground was illuminated with bright and colourful lights. The gifted tribal tribal talents demonstrated their dancing feats in the open air arena. They were the Kutia Kandha of Belghar in Kandhamal district, the Munda of Bonai area, the Paudi Bhuyan of Khuntgaon, the Oraon of Sundargarh district and the Lodha of Morada area of Mayurbhanj district. While the Kutia Kandha artist belonging to a tribal community identified as a PTG (Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Group) staged a dance of their subsistence routine performed during their annual calendar agricultural festivals every year, the Munda artists of Bonai staged the dance performed in their major festival called “Sarhul”.

The Paudi Bhuyan of Khuntgaon, also a PTG, danced as they perform every year during their chait parab. The major musical instrument played in the dance was the circular drum popularly known as “changu”. The Oranon dance was colourful with the women dancers performing wearing “pairlak” the traditional handloom saree for women. The Lodha tribal artists performed the famous chhau dance of Mayurbhanj district based on mythologies.

The spectators were spellbound.

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