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Adivasi Mela, 01.02.2012 (The 7th Day)

In the seventh day of Adivasi Mela the visitors swelled as the evening came. There were a sea of people in every nook and corner of the venue of the mela. The motley crowds were packed in the food court, Adivasi Haat, Craft bazaar, and the tribal village. The transactions in every segment of the mela borne a testimony to the love and fascination of the capitalies for tribal cultural elements especially in their arts, crafts and products.

As the evening came, the open air auditorium of Adivasi ground reverberated under the thumping steps of the tribal dancers and the enchanting music and songs of the tribal performers and the packed audience was spellbound. The dances performed in the evening were the tribal dance of the Gadaba tribe of Koraput, the Kisan dance of Kuchinda area, the Ho dance of Karanjia, The Kutia Kondh dance of Lanjigarh, the Kharia and Mankirdia dance of Mayurbhanj district and finally the dance of the tribal students of KISS (KIIT). These performances entertained the speactators to their hearts contents and they went home feeling the difference between the performance arts of the tribal world and the modern world.

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