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Adivasi Mela, 09.02.2011 (15th Evening)

In the glorious evening of the closing day of the Adivasi Mela – 2011, His Excellency the Governor of Orissa Sj. Murulidhar Chandrakanta Bhandare had attended as the Chief Guests. Other distinguished guests were Sri Bijaya Ranjan Singh Bariha, Hon’ble Minister of ST & SC Development, Sri Rabinarayan Senapati, the Development Commissioner of Orissa.

Sri Rabinarayan Senapati in his address said that the Adivasi Mela is a meeting Centre for culture Interaction between the tribal and urban people. The tribal people displayed their efficiency in their dance and cultural activities. This Mela is strengthening the bond between the urban and tribal people. The whole arrangement of the Mela is well managed and he expressed his satisfaction in this regard. Sri Bijaya Ranjan Singh Bariha, in his speech said that the Adivasi Mela is one of the greatest and biggest fair in India. He said that Hon’ble Governor is our friend, so he should write two lines to the centre about the overall development of the tribals in Orissa. He also said that if this mela can be organised in national level, it could strength the national integration.

His Excellency, the governor wished best wishes to all the tribal brothers and sisters. He said that the Adivasi Mela has given him much pleasure within 3 years of his staying in Orissa. He said that the popularities of the Mela is rising and also its duration has been extended. Tribal artefacts, painting etc. are available in fair price. Cultural programmes are being organised in every evening. This mela is the right place of cultural integration. He also said that by the security of the tribal art and the development of tribal education and eradication of poverty among the tribals can be helpful for Orissa’s development. Literacy is the key of eradication of poverty. His Excellency Governor expressed his pleasure that the tribal girls have great interest in education, which he has seen during the visit of the tribal schools. He also established his faith that this Adivasi Mela can be popular in national level and it can facilitate the wide spread of tribal culture, tradition and life style.


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