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Adivasi Mela, 08.02.2010 (The Fourteenth Evening)

The guests of honour for the fourteenth evening of the Adivasi Mela & Cultural Festivals 2010 were the Sj.Prafulla Samal, Hon,ble Minister, P.R., I.& P.R., and Sj. Ram Chandra Kadam, Hon’ble MLA, Pottangi.

Sj. Kadam said that the central and the state governments are planning and implementing various welfare and development programmes for the tribes of Orissa to integrate them in the national mainstream. Despite all the attempts, the level of health and education of our tribal people have not improved as per our expectations. Taking into account the felt needs and aspirations of the tribesmen planning should be made for their development. Adoption of single line administration will be helpful in effective implementation of tribal development programmes.

Praising the antiquity of tribal cultutre Sj. Samal expressed his concern that even after 63 years of independence the tribals have remained neglected and their level of literacy has not improved much. Pandit Raghunath Murmu had helped in spreading education among tribals by inventing the Ol Chiki script for Santali language. Yet they are far away from the comforts of city life. They were the first freedom fighters against the colonial rulers. The goals of development of the state can only be realised with the development of tribal people. This Mela is serving a great purpose by publicising the tribal culture. This years theme ie, “Ëmpowerment of Tribal Women” in which the tribal women SHGs have been given opportunity to participate very actively is more relevant in the present context. This will help tribal women to become self-sufficient.

The cultural programmes that entertained the visitors in the evening were the Lanjia Saora dance of Rayagada district, the Koya dance of Malkangiri district, the Paroja dance Koraput district, Santal musical show presented by Mohini Patnaik and the colourful folk dances presented by the students of K.I.S.S. The audience was charmed by their performances.

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