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Adivasi Mela, 07.02.2010 (The Thirteenth Evening)

The proceedings of the thirteenth evening of the Adivasi Mela and Cultural Festival began with Sj. Baijayant Panda, Hon’ble MP, Ms. Pramila Malik, Hon’ble Minister, Women & Child Welfare, as distinguished guests.

Sj. Panda said Mela provide scope for merry making and entertainment. The popularity of this Adivasi Mela is increasing day by day and it is becoming of international standard.

Ms. Malik stated that the Great Jaganath culture of Orissa is closely linked with the tribal culture. Both have remained pure and unpolluted even in today’s polluting environment. Like their products - honey and resin etc. tribal people symbolise truth and virtue. Their pristine culture will flourish with the whole hearted cooperation of all the people.

The cultural programmes witnessed by the visitors were the highly appreciated dance performances of the Paudi Bhyan tribe, the Juang tribe, the Kandha tribe and the KISS students. These programmes were really enjoyed by the huge gathering.

There was a huge crowd moving in every part of the mela.

>> CULTURAL PROGRAMME, Oriya (07.02.2010)

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