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Adivasi Mela, 05.02.2010 (The Eleventh Evening)

The guests of honour for the eleventh evening of the Adivasi Mela & Cultural Festivals 2010 were the Sj. Mangala Kisan, Hon,ble MP, Rajya Sabha and Dr. Prafulla Majhi, Hon’ble MLA, Talsara.

Expressing his concern on the process of decline of traditional social and cultural consciousness of the tribals due to the impact of the modern world Dr. Majhi said the tribals who have preserved their pristine culture living in relative isolation of inaccessible hills and forests for a long time are experiencing changes for spread of industrialisation and urbanisation. Unless this harmful process is checked they may get detribalised soon. It is time to take expedient steps to conserve the time-tested elements of tribal culture. Those who are really concerned about their development should work dedicatedly putting their heart and soul together.

Sj. Kisan praised the Mela as it has realised a noble objective of publicizing the tribal cultural heritage of the state. Even today, the tribes are deriving their subsistence out of archaic agriculture and collection of minor forest produce. Their traditional life style has not changed much after 62 years of independence when the nation has made significant progress in the fields of science, technology, education, agriculture etc. He advocated for imparting vocational education tom all tribal students for making them self-sufficient. This will help them to develop along the line of their cultural genius. By proper utilisation of their human resources and the existing natural resources, the objective of their allround socio-economic development can be achieved.

The cultural programmes that entertained the visitors in the evening were the famous Ghumura dance of Kalahandi district, the Karam dance of Oraon tribe of Sundergarh district, the Karama dance of Bhumija tribe of Nilagiri ITDA of Balasore district and the colourful folk dances presented by the students of Nuapalli Sevashram and K.I.S.S. The audience was enthralled by their performances.

>> CULTURAL PROGRAMME, Oriya (05.02.2010)

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