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Adivasi Mela, 04.02.2010 (The Tenth Evening)

The distinguished guests who graced the occasion in the tenth evening of the Adivasi Mela and Cultural Festival were Sj. Surendra Singh Bhoi, Hon’ble MLA, Titlagarh, Sj. Manohar Namdhari, Hon’ble MLA, Nabarangpur, Sj. Bhujabaln Majhi, Hon’ble MLA, Dabuganas distinguished guests.

Praising the glory of ancient tribal culture Sj. Namdhari said the tribes of Orissa have perpetuated their cultural identity and distinctiveness through several folk traditions and life ways depicting their ethos, ideologies and world-view. Now the whole world ia appreciating their time tasted values and heritage. This Adivasi Mela has presented their age old life style very realistically and meaningfully that has attracted the attention of non-tribals. It is a matter of pleasure that at present they are undergoing a process of planned change and development.

Praising the Mela as a great folk festival, Sj. Majhi appreciated the arrangements made by the state Government to organise this mega event in the state capital for acquainting the general public with the life style of their tribal brethren. He appealed to all people to come forward to help the tribesmen to integrate themselves in the national mainstream in a footing of equality.

Narrating about the synthesis of ancient tribal and Jagannath cultural traditions of Orissa, Sj. Bhoi said being the children of nature the tribes of Orissa have preserved their valuable cultural traditions. They hold traditional rights on land and forest of their territory. Of late govt. has recognised their age old traditional rights on these life supporting resources. Organisation of this Mela by Govt. is great step in generating awareness about tribal culture and development.

The cultural programmes of the evening were the Desia play “Petaparsu” presented by the tribal artist of Nawrangpur. This play is a burning example of the inherent artistic talents of tribal people of Orissa. The massage of the play was that, in general the tribal people are simple, peace loving and nonviolent, but when there is any encroachment on their age old traditional rights on land, water and forest from which they derive his subsistence they turns violent as we see it happening in many tribal pockets. This thought provoking play was followed a folk dance that is a synthesis of folk dance called “Gotipua Nacha” and the classical Odishi dance presented by the dance academy called Tridhara. These colourful programmes kept the audience spell bound.

Sj. Bhoi this Mela has portrayed the colourful diversity and uniqueness of the age old tribal culture of Orissa as well as the beautiful folk traditions of Orissan tribes. Honouring their valuable traditions the tribals should come forward to assert their distinctive cultural identity.

Sj. Majhi said this Mela serves a noble purpose. The tribal culture and traditions have a taste of its own. Their life style is very beautiful and so also their nature and character. The ancient vedic culture has its roots in the tribal culture. Tribals foods are simple and good for health. They are the earliest worshipers of the goddess Mother Earth. The time tested elements of their culture needs to be documented for posterity.

The major attractions of the cultural programmes of the evening were Ho dance sponsored by ITDA, Champua, Kutia Kondh dance sponsored by KKDA, Belghar, the Kisan dance sponsored by ITDA, Kuchinda, the variety show presented by the students of Siripur Sevashram and the play presented by District T.B. Authority of Bhubaneswar from which the audience derived full entertainment to their heart content.

There was brisk business in Adivasi Hat and Tribal Food Plaza where the visitors thronged in large number to buy tribal products and enjoy the taste of tribal delicacies.

>> CULTURAL PROGRAMME, Oriya (04.02.2010)

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