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Adivasi Mela, 04.02.2014 (The 10th Day)

Adivasi Mela-2014

Visual Experience at Art Gallery

Bhubaneswar dtd. 04.02.2014, Adivasi Mela- 2014 completed its 10th evening, today was the tribal life style day, as a number of tribal photographs based on their traditional life style have been displayed in its Art Gallery. The purpose of displaying photos is to showcase the tribal life style of yesterday to today. In one side it is focusing on their past day's life style and in other side it has focusing their attitude towards modern world. The purpose is not only to showcase their life style in front of the cosmopolitan mindset, but also it gives a complete idea about their rituals, adornment pattern, personal belongings used by them, housing pattern, their dance form etc...

The credit of collection of such photos goes to State Museum Authority, who has collected these photos from long back. They have collected and framed in a live size, for exhibiting the same. The idea behind this is to showcase and spread the knowledge about their existence in terms of social, physical, economic and so on. It also glimpses a visual expression of their changing tradition, not in terms of aesthetic or cultural but in its material life.

Recently, a tribal photo of Jharkhand finds its place in commonwealth Games-2014; the esteemed Photo Gallery at the games venue shows the life and livelihood of the tribals. This shows the urgency to know the sustainable living with the surroundings, which can only be learned from tribals.

Flavor of the dance and music displayed by tribal people in the evening was elite as well. Viewers were fascinated by the extraordinary mixture of customary and varied tribal dance and music played by artists on stage. While elders indulged in traditional dance and music, their younger partners added modern touches to them that made the display truly exotic for the viewers and won the audience heart.

Among the performers in displaying tribal dance and music were Koya dance by I.T.D.A. Malkangiri, Kalasi Dance by I.T.D.A. Keonjhar, and some folk dance by I.T.D.A. Phulbani, Didaye Development Agency and Indira Gandhi Hostel Girls Students. All performed in polished and elegant ways.



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