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Adivasi Mela, 02.02.2010 (The Eight Evening)

The eighth evening of the Adivasi Mela and Cultural Festival started its proceedings with Sj. Suryanarayan Patra, Hon’ble Minister, Revenue & Disaster Management, Ms. Sarojini Hembram, Hon’ble M.L.A., Sj. Bijay Kumar Nayak, Hon’ble MLA, Sj. Ramchandra Hansda, Hon’ble MLA and Sj. Balabhadra Majhi, Former Minister as revered guests.
Addressing the audience Sj. Majhi said the people of the capital city getting a chance to have glimpses of tribal culture through this Adivasi Mela. The goal of tribal development can be realised by educational advancement of the tribals.

Ms. Hembram expressed his satisfaction about the distinct character of this Mela. She said the welfare Government is very keen for bringing about the economic, educational, cultural and social development of the tribes. She stressed upon the need for special marketing arrangement for the produce of the tribals.
Sj. Nayak in his speech emphasized that the pristine tribal culture is declining under present circumstances and the time has come to conserve and promote it.

Sj. Hansda said the tribals should be self sufficient and maintain their cultural identity by promoting their traditional socio-cultural institutions like the “Sarana” or “Jahira” of the Santal and Munda tribes which will help in conservation of natural environment.

Sj. S. N. Patra, Hon’ble Minister stated that the state of Orissa is inhabited by a number of tribes who are the early settlers of this land. They are backward socially, economically, culturally and educationally. They thrive upon a land and forest based economy. The Traditional Forest Dwellers Land Rights Act of 2006 will help them for their development. The welfare measures like by promotion of tribal girls education, establishment of tribal girls hostels and supply of bicycles to tribal girls students will go a long way towards the empowerment of tribal women.

After the deliberations, various tribal groups staged their dance programmes. The girls of Dongria Kondh and Lodha presented Dongria dance and Chhau dance respectively. The students of K.I.S.S. presented tribal and folk dances as a matter of routine.

There was business as usual in the Adivasi Hat and Tribal Food Plaza. Large number of visitors came and enjoyed the events hinted upon a very vital point, that the gap between the Adivasi and the mainstream is the communication. So, to bridge this gap the primary education in the state should be imparted in Adivasi Languages in concerned Advasi populated districts. Further such type of Mela and Cultural festivals should be arranged in all the District Head Quarters which will protect and promote the Adivasi Culture and expand its uniqueness.

Sj. Muttia in his address suggested that Technical Education facilities should be extended to all the Adivasi matriculates to make them self-sufficient in day to day life and this programme should be given wide publicity.
Sj. Singh pointed out about the problem of inadequate trained language teachers in Adivasi populated schools. To make the students more capable and fit to face challenges, more trained teachers in concerned Adivasi Languages may be posted to these schools.

The cultural programme witnessed the highly appreciated Dance performances of the Dongria Kondh presented by DKDA, Chatikona, Saora Dance presented by ITDA, Paralakhemundi and Paudi Bhuiyan Dance by P.B.D.A., Jamardihi. The sponsored cultural events presented by DAVP, Delhi and the tribal students of K.I.S.S., in the forms of Folk Dances and Adivasi Dances, really were enjoyed by the huge gathering.

Further, the live demonstration of Adivasi Songs, Dances, Music and performing art in various part of the Mela arena were among other attractive events of the evening.

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