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Adivasi Mela, 01.02.2010 (The Seventh Evening)

The Seventh evening of the Adivasi Mela and Cultural Festival began with Sj. Shyam Charan Hansda, Hon’ble MLA, Nabarangpur, Ms. Arati Ahuja, IAS, Secretary Handloom and Textiles Department as distinguished guests. Welcoming the dignitaries, Prof. (Dr.) A. B. Ota, IAS, Director, SCSTRTI & Member Secretary, ATLC, stated that the popularity of this Mela is increasing day by day and there is a great rush to watch this Mela.

Hon’ble MLA, Sj. Hansda spoke about the antiquity of ancient tribal culture that has roots in the historically famous ancient Dravidian Civilization of Mahenjodaro and Harappa. The tribal culture have become famous all over the world. This Adivasi Mela is playing a major role in publicizing the time tasted values and beauty of pristine tribal culture beyond the country.

Expressing her pleasure over the theme of the Mela i.e. “Empowerment of Tribal Women” Ms. Ahuja narrated an incident that happened during her stay at Koraput. It was a tragic incident of a tribal infant died of diarrhoea for lack of education and awareness of his mother about the primary ORS treatment for this common disease. The victim’s illiterate mother holding the dead infant in her lap was crying bitterly in front of the wall of the Primary Health Centre where a large poster was announcing about administering ORS treatment to diarrhoea patient. The ignorant tribal mother was unable to read the message.

Ms. Ahuja was also happy that the tribal women of different SHGs are taking an active part in the transactions in the Adivasi Hat in the Mela. She hoped that with the educational advancement of tribal women the tribal society will develop.

The major cultural items of this evening were the Badam dance of Saunti tribe of Keonjhar, the Dantha dance of Santal sponsored by ITDA, Rairangpur and Santal dance sponsored by ITDA, Baripada among the other sponsored programmes were a Odishi Dance titled “Pangulanghayategiri” presented by Sj. Nityananda Das, the “Laudi” Dance and a Drama by the NGO Basundhara for generation of awareness on Forest Dwellers Traditional Land Rights Act. Besides that the students of K.I.S.S. entertained the visitors in different places of the Mela by performance of tribal dance, folk dance and paintings as they were doing everyday. There was a great rush of visitors in the Adivasi Hat and Adivasi Village to get a taste of tribal products and tribal culture.

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